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Bauman Moscow State Technical University. El № FS 77-61859. ISSN 2412-592X

Centrifugal Compressor Unit-based Heat Energy Recovery at Compressor Stations

Machines and Plants: Design and Exploiting # 02, April 2016
DOI: 10.7463/aplts.0216.0838950
Article file: Aplts_Apr2016_038to050.pdf (1212.42Kb)
authors: V.S. Shadrin1,*, V.V. Kozlov1

1 Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow, Russia

About 95% of the electricity consumed by air compressor stations around the world, is transformed into thermal energy, which is making its considerable contribution to global warming. The present article dwells on the re-use (recovery) of energy expended for air compression.
The article presents the energy analysis of the process of compressing air from the point of view of compressor drive energy conversion into heat energy. The temperature level of excess heat energy has been estimated in terms of a potential to find the ways of recovery of generated heat. It is shown that the temperature level formed by thermal energy depends on the degree of air compression and the number of stages of the compressor.
Analysis of technical characteristics of modern equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as projects of the latest air compressor stations have shown that there are two directions for the recovery of heat energy arising from the air compression:
   o    Resolving technological problems of compressor units.
   o    The use of the excess heat generation to meet the technology objectives of the enterprise.
This article examines the schematic diagrams of compressor units to implement the idea of heat recovery compression to solve technological problems:
   o    Heating of the air in the suction line during operation of the compressor station in winter conditions.
   o    Using compression heat to regenerate the adsorbent in the dryer of compressed air.
The article gives an equity assessment of considered solutions in the total amount of heat energy of compressor station. Presented in the present work, the analysis aims to outline the main vectors of technological solutions that reduce negative impacts of heat generation of compressor stations on the environment and creating the potential for reuse of energy, i.e. its recovery.

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